Month: January 2018

Role of EHR and Government in Innovation and Google Glass in Healthcare

Dr. David Bensema joins us to discuss these stories: Does Epic hinder innovation? Depends on when you ask | Panel charged with improving nation’s health IT infrastructure set to meet.
Plus Google Glass, breaking down the wall between physician, computer and patient.
Also, should we all be considering Hamburger U? Read More

Do Mergers Make for Better Health and Paying Ransomware – Right or Wrong

Mega-Mergers are the talk of the town we explore the implications to health. Also, are we negotiating with terrorists when we pay ransomware? May want to set a policy before it happens to your health system. Finally, beyond the buzzword of Digital Transformation. Read More

The Healthcare Consumer and Other Insights From JP Morgan Healthcare 2018

What else do you do with Episode 1? We explain what the podcast is and who it’s for. We also cover the non-profit track of the JP Morgan Healthcare conference. Lots of interesting insights into what lies ahead from the CEOs of 22 non-profit health systems. Read More