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Sarah Richardson This Week in Health IT

Sarah Richardson
CIO – CA Market
HealthCare Partners
A DaVita Medical Group

John Halamka This Week in Health IT

John Halamka
CIO of BIDMC, International Healthcare Professor Harvard Medical School

Sue Schade This Week in Health IT

Sue Schade
Star Bridge Advisors

Aneesh Chopra

Aneesh Chopra
President, CareJourney

Rod Hochman This Week in Health IT

Rod Hochman
President and CEO
Providence St. Joseph Health

This Week in Health IT Ed Marx

Ed Marx
CIO Cleveland Clinic

Daniel Kraft This Week in Health IT

Daniel Kraft
 Chair for Medicine at Singularity Univ & Exponential Medicine

Tressa Springmann
CIO Lifebridge Health

David Bensema, MD
Former CIO, Baptist Health

This Week in Health IT Marc Probst

Marc Probst
CIO Intermountain Healthcare

This Week in Health IT Chad Brisendine

Chad Brisendine
CIO St. Lukes University Health Network

This Week in Health IT Dale Sanders

Dale Sanders
President of Technology
Health Catalyst

Nassar Nizami This Week in Health IT

Nassar Nizami
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

Drexel-DeFord This Week in Health IT

Drex Deford
drexio digital health

David Muntz This Week in Health IT

David Muntz
Starbridge Advisors

CharlieLougheed This week in Health IT

Charlie Lougheed
Unify Project
co-foundeder of Explorys

Ann Weiler This Week in Health IT

Anne Weiler
CEO / Co-founder
Wellpepper, Inc.


David Baker
CIO Pacific Dental

This Week in Health IT Ken Lawonn

Ken Lawonn
CIO Sharp HealthCare


David Chou
CIO Mercy Childrens Hospital
Kansas City

Kristen Meyers This Week in Health IT

Kristin Myers
Mount Sinai Health System

This Week in Health IT Dr. Chang AImed

Anthony Chang, M.D.
Chief Innovation / Intelligence Officer
Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute

Jamie Nelson This Week in Health IT

Jamie Nelson
CIO Hospital for Special Surgery

Lee Milligan This Week in Health IT

Lee Milligan, MD
VP & CMIO, Asante

Patrick Anderson This Week in Health IT

Patrick Anderson
CIO Hoag Hospital

Todd Johnson - This Week in Health IT

Todd Johnson
CEO Healthloop


Charles Boicey
CIO (Innovation) Clearsense

Amy Maneker This Week in Health IT

Amy Maneker, M.D.
Former CMIO Akron Children’s Hospital

Craig-Richardville This Week in Health IT

Craig Richardville
Former CIO Atrium Health

Daniel Barchi - This Week in Health IT

Daniel Barchi
Chief Information Officer at New York-Presbyterian

Why This Week in Health IT?

As CIO I was privy to so many conversations with great leaders in the industry that I wanted to capture and communicate to my staff.  Now I have the time to engage with and capture these conversations so you can share them with your staff.  Hope you enjoy.  Send me feedback at our email to the right.

Show Host

Bill Russell recently served as the SVP and CIO of St. Joseph Health where he oversaw the health systems technology and information strategies. Prior to joining St. Joseph Bill provided leadership for several consulting practices including operating his own practice for six years.  Bill specializes in emerging technology and practices to advance organization and community objectives.  Bill holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and has completed executive education courses and health care IT leadership training at the Harvard School of Public Health in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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